March 2022 Update

March 28th, 2022

Hello my lovelies. February was a very hectic month so I missed sending out the monthly update, but fear not, here is a supersized March update for you. And away we go!


I’ve been slowly listing products on the website – it’s been a challenge given my full-time job has changed from 8 hours a day to almost 10 (not happy about that one let me tell you). I am currently concentrating on bracelets and earrings, but it’s a slow go because you know crafters don’t stop crafting! I have amassed a lot of products so it’s going to take a while to get everything up onto the website. I have stopped production on these two items so I have a fighting chance to get them all online.


I have been streaming on the Twitch app on Friday evenings for about an hour. Want to subscribe? Head on over to and click the Follow button so you’ll never miss out on another live.

Craft Fair Recap: Show-Me Crafters Spring Craft Show

The show was a success – this was the best outing I had at this event. I’ve already signed up for the Summer and Fall events, and you can find the dates and times on the Events page.

Short and sweet – stay beaYOUtiful!